Inside The PlayStation VR 2- What No One Tells You?

Technology for gaming continues to evolve too, and the recent announcement of the PSVR2 shows this. The PSVR2 is the next innovation from Sony in virtual reality gaming, having already established itself as a console giant with the Playstation. It builds on its predecessor, Playstation VR, which was sold as an accessory for the PS4 and became a commercial success.

However, it did not make as big a dent in the VR gaming market as Sony had hoped, which is where the PSVR2 comes in. It features a range of exciting features and specs that have caught the eye of many people. However, this article will tell you some key details and interesting facts about the PSVR2 that have yet to receive as much light. In this way, you can make an informed decision if you are interested in purchasing it.

Let’s dive in.


Controller Tracking

The old PSVR relied on an unreliable camera-controller tracking system that used outdated Playstation Move controllers. As a result, the camera could not detect the controller when the player turned around while playing. However, this problem has been eliminated with the arrival of the PSVR2. This is because of the inside-out tracking system, allowing controllers to be tracked by the cameras on the headset itself. Additionally, the PSVR2 Sense controllers are being developed from the ground up for VR gaming, unlike the Playstation Move controllers. This will ensure more accurate controller tracking and more accurate and reliable inputs.


Eye tracking

The greatest feature that the PSVR2 boasts is eye tracking. It is the first consumer VR headset to have this feature, which will help it stand out from the other VR headsets in the market. What exactly is the big deal with having eye tracking for VR games? Eye tracking usefulness has yet to be seen in VR gaming, but there are some ways that Sony can use it for their new headset. These are:


Foveated Rendering

This term comes from the word fovea, the part of the human retina that enables us to see with high resolution. Foveated rendering would allow headsets to show only the video right in front of the fovea as the rest of the human eye cannot discern high resolution. This exploitation allows the headset to use less processing power. This way, PSVR2 will likely handle more demanding games.


User Detection

You can use eye tracking with a biometric scanner. This can be done via the headset camera scanning their eyes, enabling better security. Besides that, the PSVR2 may also be able to load the user’s account, game progress, and custom settings automatically once they put on the headset. As a result, this can help improve PSVR2’s user experience.


Cable Efficiency

The PSVR1 had a big problem with cables, with too much clutter. This made it incredibly tedious for users to use the headset. However, with the new PSVR2, Sony has significantly reduced the number of cables. There are even earphones provided that you can conveniently attach to the headset itself, reducing the chances of wires getting tangled. You may be wondering why Sony hasn’t opted for a wireless headset, considering how other gaming headsets are wireless. The reason for this is likely to reduce the weight and price, making it more accessible for users.


Backward Compatibility

Unfortunately, the PSVR2 will not be backward compatible and may come as a blow to those who have bought PSVR titles. This is because the PSVR2 will feature numerous upgrades over its predecessors, so it will have to sacrifice backward compatibility. This is likely the only way Sony feels like the PSVR2 will be able to evolve in a way that can impact the VR gaming industry. On top of that, it will only be exclusive to the PS5. However, for people who have missed out on notable PSVR titles, they might be able to play these eventually. Sony may decide to port these to the PSVR2 so you can play these beloved titles.


In conclusion

The recent announcement of the PSVR2 has been touted as the next big thing in VR gaming. It builds on the features of the PSVR and is an accessory for the new beat-selling PS5 console. There are certain features of the PSVR2 that we have brought to light as they have received little attention. It features a much-improved controller tracking system and eye tracking that can improve the user experience. It has cut down on the clutter that the old PSVR headset had. Unfortunately, it is not backward compatible, so you cannot play PSVR titles.

We hope this article proves informative and has enlightened you about the PSVR2 title. Thank you for reading!

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