How to install your lenses

There are 2 installation videos for PSVR 2. If you have troubles installing them, please watch the second video directly. It has more details about installation. 



How to clean your VR prescription lenses

The HONSVR prescription lenses are crucial to getting a crisp and focused view of the VR World. Once the steps are mastered, a lens cleaning routine need not be complicated. If cleaning your lenses takes longer than twenty seconds, you are likely overcomplicating the process.


1. Microfiber cloth: The best and safest way to avoid scratching or smudging your lenses while cleaning them.

2. Cleaning solution: Spray formulated for eyeglasses that specifies it is safe for polycarbonate lenses and lens coatings is optimal, however lotion-free dish soap can also be used.



1. Always practice good hand hygiene to avoid spreading germs from your hands to your contact lenses.

2. Run warm water over your lenses to get rid of dust or other things that might scratch the lenses. If you live somewhere with hard water, you should avoid using tap water in favor of distilled water.

3. Wipe your lenses down with microfiber cloth.

4.Spray both sides of your lenses with cleaning solution. If using dish soap, place a single drop on each side of the lens and massage it gently over the surface. Rinse if using soap.

5. Shake off any remaining water on your lenses and then dry them. Use gas duster (canned air) to dry your lenses instead of a paper towel to prevent streaks and watermarks.

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